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Confessions of A Medical Marijuana Patient

And Other Wild Tales

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Married woman of a 19-year-old who likes: photography, web surfing, blogging, chatting, fucking with people on Facebook, music, going to concerts, reading, certain TV shows, blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda.

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acoustic alchemy, alfred hitchcock, alice in wonderland, alice seabold, animals, art, autumn, b-52's, bates motel, ben folds five, better call saul, bloom county, bob marley, books, breaking bad, buddhism, c.s. lewis, californication, calligraphy, calvin & hobbes, capt.jack sparrow, casablanca, cat adoption team, cats, ceramics and pottery, chocoholism, chocolate fondue sex, chronicles of narnia, coffee, colin hay, colony, comedy, concerts, craig carothers, crying, dancing, dave matthews band, devo, doggie-style, dogs, duff goldman, enjoying life, eomer, erotic art, food, french kissing, fringe, frou frou, game of thrones, gardening, george r.r. martin, ghost ship, good movies, halloween, halt and catch fire, harold and maude, harry potter, hellboy, hogwarts school, hot air ballooning, humphrey bogart, imogen heap, indiana jones, ingrid bergman, internet, iron man, isabele allende, j.k. rowling, j.r.r. tolkien, jack huston, jason gann, jazz, jazz fusion, jean-luc ponty, joe jackson, johnny depp, joni mitchell, karl urban, keith olbermann, kevin smith, laughing, lauren bacall, lee pace, legion, lewis carroll, life in hell, light bondage, limburger cheezy movies, lotr, meditating, meteor showers, modern family, moonstruck chocolates, movies, munder, music, my child, olivia de berardinis, open-mindedness, pat metheny group, peace, people of earth, pete townshend, peter gabriel, peter jackson, pets, photography, price of milk, r.e.m., rachel weisz, rafa nadal, reality bites, return of the king, russell brand, salma hayek, scrubs, sex, sexy foreign accents, shameless, singing, sirius black, sofamecca, spider-man, spring, stan ridgway, stephen king, sweeney todd, taboo, the bourne supremacy, the middle, the movie dogma, the who, tim burton, transcendentalism, truth about demons, united states-tara, via satellite, vincent price, war protesting, watercolor painting, weeds, westeros, wilfred, writing, zach braff.
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